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Heather Ramsay

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So . . . life has taken me down some interesting twists and turns lately and I've decided to stop fighting the current and move with the flow. I'm taking an undetermined amount of time off from writing to see where this new adventure takes me. A HUGE thank you to all of you who read my books. I'll never be able to express how much your support has meant to me. xx

The Alpha Squad Trilogy is complete!

Snakebite, Retribution and Resurrection are now available on KINDLE UNLIMITED!!

On Wattpad, I have a FREE (unedited) young adult Paranormal Romance Series:

My Life with Werewolves,

Book One: PACK (complete)

Book Two: SHIFT (ongoing)

Come by and check them out @HRamsay


The Alpha Squad—an elite United Nations military unit tasked with stopping the world’s most dangerous arms dealers. Their existence is shrouded in secrecy, hidden away in the New Mexico desert.

Phoenix is their newest recruit. Where she came from, nobody knows. Not even Phoenix herself. Amnesia has left her with no past, no identity. The squad is all she has. She wants to prove she belongs there – to the other soldiers, to herself, and to her commanding officer, the formidable General Cobra. Cobra is cold, hard, ruthless. And Phoenix knows he doesn’t trust her.

When they are sent to Colombia together on an assignment, something begins to change between them. They begin to form a friendship, an understanding, and maybe something more.


But Phoenix is about to learn that the past can’t stay buried forever…


Phoenix is gone, and Danielle is done with General Cobra and his Alpha Squad. But it turns out they’re not done with her. The squad has unfinished business with her estranged husband, Max, and she’s the only one who can help.

Danielle wants to be free of them, and free of

Max. So she agrees to one last mission.


Once again, Danielle finds herself tangled in a web of suspicion, lies, and divided loyalties. Her husband doesn’t want to let her go, the squad doesn’t trust her, and as for Cobra . . . their chemistry may be as explosive as ever, but she has no idea how he really feels about her.

As the mission heats up, Danielle must decide what she really wants, where she really belongs, and what price she’s willing to pay to prove it.








Phoenix is back. And she and the Alpha Squad have a new mission: rescue General Cobra. It won’t be easy—Cobra may have forgotten who he is, but he’s still as deadly as ever. And he’s still somehow drawn to Phoenix. She knows she’s the best chance the squad have, so, once again, she must act as bait for a dangerous man.


But Phoenix knows something, something that raises the stakes higher than she ever could have imagined . . .


Cobra is unsure where his loyalty lies. Damari refuses to answer any of his questions. The beautiful soldier pursuing him claims to have all the answers, but how can he trust her? And why, despite the fact that she is supposed to be his enemy, does he want to?


The war for the weapon that stole Cobra’s memories nears its bloody end. With battle lines drawn, sides chosen and unexpected alliances made, the weight of the world once more rests on the shoulders of Phoenix and the Alpha Squad.

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